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I have a very allergic skin and therefore I cannot use almost any hand sanitizers. When I first tried Northmed hand gel I was very surprised that I did not have dry skin, rash or skin cracks. Northmed hand gel moisturizes and softens the skin. Plus this sanitizer has very pleasant aroma. This is the only hand sanitizer I can actually use without causing any kind of problems to my skin. I recommend this sanitizer to everyone who has sensitive skin.


This is exactly what I was looking for and the product description was accurate. I wanted a gel version of hand sanitizer and this is it. I had ordered others that claim to be gel but turned out to be more liquid.
I wish I could have ordered more than one 50ml packaging but oh well I ll Do it next time.


I have a travel size pump that I used these to refill. It is great for hands on the go, but I use it to sanitize our travel potty seat after use. I feel better putting it back into the diaper bag after a quick spritz and wipe with this sanitizer. Also very easy for my 2yo to use for her hands.


My hands stay soft and smooth with this sanitizer. The price is higher than ethanol base sanitizer, but I dont mind paying some extra to save my hard-working hands. Wonderful product to clean hands.