About company

XO-art offers its Customers a full range of logistics solutions for the transportation, storage and transshipment of goods across the European Union and CIS countries. With our own warehouse in Riga, we can create optimal cargo delivery schemes using several modes of transport. It is not a problem for us to collect several shipments of goods in Riga from different cities to send a single shipment further or Vice versa, to receive a batch of goods and deliver them to different cities. our managers are always ready to work out the best solutions for a specific order.

The desire for impeccable service, prompt delivery of any goods at affordable prices, preliminary calculation of transportation of any complexity-these are the goals that our team strives for, following the interests of the Customer.

Professional execution of online orders, including configuration, packaging, delivery to the end customer, processing of returns, will form a positive image of your brand in the EU market.

Main advantages of XO-art

  • Reduced costs and delivery prices
  • Details on all operations via your Personal account
  • Increase conversion rate
  • order Processing by our call center, reporting on all calls made and orders accepted
  • High quality service is already at the start
  • Clear accounting system for all receipts, shipments, and refunds
  • Personal Manager and easy access to reporting

Company history

Fast and reliable execution of online orders in the EU
Our profession is logistics and product marketing. All warehouse management is designed for the most efficient and timely execution of your online orders.

Personal client Manager
We will clarify the details on request in a friendly, reliable and, above all, fast way for you, so that you can get the best possible information.

marketing and logistics Outsourcing-an opportunity for you to focus on your business
An optimal business process structure allows you to focus on your business. Executing online orders by our forces will give you more time to develop your business.

We can handle the growth of Your business
Do You have great growth potential? No problem, we will provide the necessary storage capacity, as well as sufficient human resources, so That you can also increase the turnover of online trading in Europe.